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​Ningbo Taris Electric Technology Co., LTD.

Ningbo Taris Electric Technology Co., LTD. Is located in Yuyao, plastic kingdom, mould capital of China. Is a professional electrical connection protection system in the development of chain, production, sales of high-tech enterprises.
In years of continuous development, the company continues to develop and improve their products, improve the quality of products, improve our services. We have been working closely with our customers to understand their actual needs and to develop new high quality chain products that are perfectly suited to the market. Tyrus tow chain has proved its wide applicability and excellent operation performance in practical application for many years. Due to its professional pre-sales and after-sales service, Tyrus tow chain has been recognized by users in various industries both at home and abroad.

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  • 042020-09

    Introduction of engineering plastic towline material

    According to the different application occasions, there are some need for high temperature resistant, anti-static and long-distance drag chains. In a word, they are all related to the material of engi...

  • 182020-08

    An overview of drag chains

    Drag chain is divided into steel drag chain, plastic drag chain.Steel towing chain can be customized by combining steel and aluminum, plastic towing chain also known as engineering plastic towing chain, tank chain.Drag chain can be divided into bridge chain, fully closed chain and semi-closed chain according to the use environment and requirements.Rectangular metal hoses, protective sleeves, bellows, metal hoses can also be included in the drag-chain protection and mobile power supply products. The tow chain is used in reciprocating motion, which can pull and protect the built-in cable, oil pipe, air pipe and water pipe.Tow chain has been widely used in CNC machine tools, electronic equipment, glass machinery, injection molding machine manipulator, handling machinery, plastic machinery, lifting equipment, woodworking machinery, automobile industry, industrial vehicles, metal processing machines, machine tools, casting machinery, port equipment and other industries.

  • 182020-08

    What are the main types of drag chains

    The material Can be divided into: steel chain, steel aluminum chain, plastic chain, stainless steel chain, nylon chain. In the form of It can be divided into bridge drag chain, multi-bridge drag chain, closed drag chain, drag chain, open drag chain, S-type drag chain, universal drag chain, tank chain, threading drag chain, etc. According to the requirements of the operating environment: oil proof, waterproof, garbage pollution proof, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, friction resistance, need to lengthen, need to bear weight, no noise, cable hidden, etc. Assembly form Bridge type drag chain, fully closed drag chain, semi-closed drag chain.

  • 182020-08

    What are the wide application of high quality steel cha...

    How much do you know about steel dragline products?The company as a product of famous manufacturer specializing in the production of steel drag chain, we have many years of production experience, research and development of advanced production equipment, the company makes professional drag chain quality products by the broad masses of old and new users of welcome and praise, more relevant content about product then by our professional to explain it for you, hope to help you. Our professional high quality steel towing chain is composed of chain plate, pin shaft, support plate and following coupling parts.This product has the characteristics of exquisite design and flexible use, which is widely used in the three-dimensional warehouse, large machinery, robot and so on as short distance, oil, gas, water hoses and cables moving at the same time.Steel tow chain can carry a large number of large weight of cables and tubing, free suspension (allow not to support wheel) long, support plate can be made according to customer needs, suitable for all mobile machinery, its bending radius is 75--650mm, chain plate height is 40--145mm, can be chosen arbitrarily.

  • 182020-08

    Matters needing attention when installing cable and dra...

    1. Cables shall not be twisted when laying and shall not be unwound from either end of the drum or cable tray. Instead, the cable shall be unfolded by rotating the drum or cable tray first, and the cable may be unfolded or hung up if necessary.Cables used for this purpose can only be obtained directly from the cable coil. 2. Note the minimum bending radius of the cable. 3. Cables must be laid side by side, loosely in the trailing chain, as far apart as possible, separated by spacers or inserted into the separation voids in the empty brackets of the supports. The voids between cables in the trailing chain shall be at least 10% of the cable diameter 4. Cables in the tow chain shall not touch or get stuck together. 5. The cable must be fixed at both points, or at least at the moving end of the drag chain.Generally, the distance between the moving point of the cable and the end of the tow chain should be 20-30 times of the diameter of the cable. 6. Make sure that the cable moves completely within the bending radius, that is, it cannot be forced to move. Understanding these knowledge, in the daily installation, use process can effectively avoid the damage of the cable and drag chain, prolong the service life.

  • 182020-08

    What problems should be referred to when choosing a mac...

    I believe that many users are not unfamiliar with machine tool drag chain products, so what are the problems we need to refer to when choosing drag chain products?How can we choose the product that suits us better?Next, our professional staff to explain it for you, I believe it will be helpful for you to understand the product. 1. The cavity diameter of the support plate of the machine tool tow chain D1= D + is approximately 0.1d (integer).Where d= the outside diameter of the wire, cable, liquid and gas hose. 2. Determine the chain plate height HG and the chain chain type according to the support plate larger aperture Dma. 3. The width b1 of the supporting plate shall be determined according to the number of installed cables, so as to obtain the width B of the trailing chain. 4. When the use place of machine tool tow chain is restricted or affected by the environment, steel belt protective support plate is needed.